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Wow, it has been a year already... πŸš€

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Part of the 0smosis crew
A part of the 0smosis crew!

A bit over a year ago Len and Geert, 2 of our founders, told me that they were leaving EY and were starting a Fintech Venture Studio, 0smosis, together with Jori, our third founder. We still had a couple of things we were working on together and one night they asked me the question: 'Why don't you join us?'.

Well, I got to admit that it was not easy to take this step at this point in my career. But I'm sure this was one of the best decisions I have ever made... And here is why!

Practice what you preach

Fintech and Insurtech? Well, that's my cup of tea... β˜•

I have always been interested in financial services (yes, I know most people think it's boring but oh well..). During my studies, I did a lot of assignments, including my thesis, about banking and insurance. This was one of the main reasons I joined EY's financial services department.

This, in combination with my interest in innovation and doing things differently lead me to Fintech and Insurtech. Reinventing the "oh-so-traditional" financial industry by making things simple and transparent? Yes, please... πŸ™

After reading a lot about it, I can now proudly say I work at a Fintech #hellyeah. Each day I get to work on things I truly believe in. Things that will really impact the financial industry and hopefully a lot of you in the long run as well!

From rapid learning to hyper learning

As I mentioned above, I joined a Big 4-firm because there I could focus on financial services advisory. But there was another reason as well: RAPID LEARNING πŸ“š

During the time I worked at EY, I learned a lot. I went from a full-time student (read full-time party animal 🍻) to a full-blown P&C Insurance Business Analyst and Insurtech Expert in less than a year.

But I have got to be honest, this felt like 5th gear. Could I get into 6th gear and reach hyper learning?

Yes, apparently I could. Joining 0smosis has been a game-changer for several reasons:

  • Jack-of-all-trades πŸƒ: in a startup, everybody does everything. Some of the things I do: Growth Hacking, Business Analysis, Scrum Master, Business Development, Marketing, Product Ownership, Web 'Developer' (thanks Instapage...) and so much more.
  • 360 feedback β­•: Every 3 months we do a 360-feedback session during which everybody gives honest feedback to all other team members. I have got to admit that in the beginning it was quite difficult to give feedback to the people who hired you and that it is confronting to see 16 of your improvement points listed on a whiteboard. But this is so extremely valuable. This really creates a team you can trust and build upon.
  • Every day is shark tank 🦈: "Just do it" is something we tell each other all the time at 0smosis. Everybody can do anything. And if you've never done something before just go online and figure out how to do it. This mindset of "getting things done" is really what lets your learning curve approach a 90-degree angle.

An Antwerp-based startup changing financial services

Since I am a humble person (just like all people in Antwerp btw), it is hard to say but...

...I am certain that 0smosis will change financial services as we know it!

It's amazing what a team of 5 ex-consultants, 3 tech-guys and an HR-wizard is capable of. Combined, we have a lot of experience in different fields, but what makes us really strong is the mindset of challenging each other and "breaking things to move forward"πŸ’₯.

Whether it is consumer banking, insurance claims, invoice financing or B2B outsourcing services, we have found our flow of identifying problems, designing solutions and building them.

In one year time, we have built an online mortgage advisor, a venture in payments and we have a lot of new ventures that are moving forward as we speak. But we are not stopping here. We are going faster than ever and are planning to get into 7th gear (is that even possible? πŸ€”).

Well, we are planning to launch some great Fintech ventures onto the market the coming years. And we are looking for future CEO's, CTO's, CFO's, CMO's,... (CXO's let's say) to lead these ventures towards unicorn-valuation and beyond.

So, have you ever dreamed of having your own Fintech startup?

We help you to become ready. We will awaken the entrepreneur, the Fintech expert and the leader within you during our 0smosis CXO traineeship.

Want to learn more about this traineeship and what it means for you? Get in touch with Caroline (the HR wizard I mentioned above - caroline@0smosis.com) or myself and come by our offices for coffee... β˜•

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